Memorial Drive resurfacing & restriping planned for Summer 2018

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is planning to resurface Memorial Drive in Summer 2018. This project offers an opportunity to restripe the street to a lane configuration that is less confusing and safer for both pedestrians and motorists.

Public meetings were held in Reynoldstown on Oct. 18 and East Lake on Nov. 8 to share details of the project and collect input from local residents on the changes. Please see the previous blog post for these meetings to get an overview of the project and why it is necessary to reduce the unacceptable number of crashes on Memorial Drive.

Representatives of the neighborhoods along Memorial Drive in the City of Atlanta have been working closely with GDOT through the Imagine Memorial transportation committee formed by Councilmember Natalyn Mosby Archibong in 2015.

To view a presentation from GDOT on the data and methodology behind this project, please continue reading.

GDOT presentation on methodology, process

Key points from presentation:

  • Project scope covers 4 miles of Memorial Drive, from Pearl Street in Reynoldstown to Candler Road in East Lake.
  • Memorial Drive is classified as an urban arterial route, serving between 10,000 and 18,000 vehicle trips a day.
  • Memorial Drive has more than 300 crashes a year. Several intersections are well above the statewide average for fatalities and injuries.
  • Through coordination with the Imagine Memorial communities, GDOT is proposing a two-phased approach for improving safety. We are talking about the first phase now. Scheduling for the second phase has yet to be determined.

Key takeaways from the design:

  • All reversible lanes will be converted entirely to turn lanes. Depending on the location, it will either be a dedicated left-turn lane in one direction, or a two-way left-turn lane.
  • Existing four-lane segments will be converted to match the three-lane sections described above. Please see the previous blog post for data and diagrams explaining the safety benefits of this change.
  • These changes have been shown throughout the country to reduce crashes and improve conditions for both  pedestrians and motorists.
  • It’s possible that some intersections will experience slightly longer vehicle delays from these changes. Some intersections will see shorter delays because of improved turning movements. All intersections will be carefully monitored for changes and signal timing will be optimized through the Regional Traffic Operations Program (RTOP).

Look at the draft design:

The following PDFs show the preliminary restriping design produced by consultants for GDOT and presented to the public at meetings in October and November. Please note that these images do NOT reflect a wide range of comments and expected revisions that have since been offered by residents, property owners, the City, MARTA, and GDOT staff.

The images run in segments from Pearl Street (west) to Candler Road (east):

Offer additional comments

More than 100 comments submitted at the two public meetings are being evaluated for incorporation into the project’s design, along with dozens more comments from specific stakeholders like Drew Charter School, the City of Atlanta, Atlanta BeltLine, Inc., and large property owners. All comments will be considered and retained, but please note that it’s not possible to incorporate every suggestion into the design of this resurfacing project. Comments will also be considered for the project’s second phase.

If you weren’t able to attend one of the public meetings, you have two options for submitting comment:

  1. Enter them online using this form.
  2. Download and print a comment card here and mail it here:
    Greg Giuffrida, c/o CAP
    84 Walton St. NW #500
    Atlanta, GA 30303If you know someone who needs a comment form mailed to them, please contact Greg at 404-895-3082 or